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Savegame-Editor for Drakensang - River Of Time


On this page, I present to you my savegame editor for the roleplaying game "Drakensang - The River Of Time". I wrote it primarily for myself. Then I polished it a bit and released it to the general public. It's free of charge for anybody to use but also comes with no warranty whatsoever.


  • Change character values (strength, upgrade points, regeneration etc.)
  • Add and remove character advantages and disadvantages
  • Change character appearance (hairstyle, head, body, skin colour, complexion etc.)
  • Add, remove or alter talents, special skills, spells and miracles
  • Inventory manager, including adding and removing items to or from the inventory - but also editing them
  • Shows ingame description of talents, spells, items etc.
  • Macro function: Run pre-defined SQL scripts on any savegame or game resource. Included in the editor are two examples: Solving and resetting the puzzle in the Effert temple
  • Does not block savegames. Drakensang does not crash when saving to a file which is currently edited
  • Supports the classic version as well as the addon "Phileasson's secret"

System requirements

  • Minimum screen resolution: 800 x 600
  • Installed Java Virtual Machine (tested on Oracle Java SE 6u23 and 7u2 as well as the ojdkbuild of OpenJDK 11.0.8).
  • Installed copy of "Drakensang - River Of Time"
  • Minimum user clue ;)

Installation instructions

  • Download the archive (see below)
  • Extract it with 7-Zip to a location of your choice (I suggest giving it its own directory)
  • Launch the editor by double clicking on the file drasa2editor.jar (if this does not work, something may be wrong with your Java installation - try locating your java.exe and drag and drop the jar file on it)
  • When started for the first time, the editor will ask you where your version of the game is installed. Point it to the main directory of your installation of "Drakensang - River Of Time".
  • You can change the path any time later in the settings dialog. Which is where you can also define the location of your savegames. It is not required but if you do you won't have to navigate to the right directory every time you open a savegame.

Download locations

Locations for current version 1.0.0:

Current status

The program is stable. There was one year long beta phase during which everyone was invited to test it and report bugs. Since I got no further bug reports for 9 months, I assume that either all bugs are squashed or no one is interested in the software anymore. Either way, my job is done.

I will likely not implement any new features.

Still, I strongly recommend that you make a backup of any file you edit - as with any savegame manipulation.


But there is already an editor!

Yes, the one by Philipp. A very nice program but I have two issues with it. First, I cannot start it anymore. For some time now, all I get is an exception right at the start. My attempts to contact the author about this failed and I did not want to bother him any longer with my problems. Secondly, Philipps' editor cannot change everything I want to change. Or at least it could not when it still worked on my system. I don't know what functions he added in the last months.

Bottom line: Instead of whining and complaining, I chose to make me an editor myself that could do what I wanted. Then I figured I could release it to the public in case someone might like it.

I have a bug report or a suggestion!

Go ahead and send it to me (address: foobar -at- world of risen -dot- de). I do not promise that every wish will be granted because I mainly wrote the editor for myself. But I will seriously consider whatever you send me.

Are there any planned features?

For now, everything is implemented. I would like to debug everything that is there before adding new stuff - at least for a while. Nothing is decided yet but I played with the thought to add these features:

  • automatic backup system
  • selection dialogue for savegames with description and preview picture
  • interactive macros which can ask values from the user

The program does not work right and I am using the OpenJDK

During development, I was using the OpenJDK, too. But the SQLite driver for Java which I used had some problems with it. Those problems disappeared after I switched to the original from Sun (now Oracle). I do not know if these problems are fixed by now but I strongly recommend that you try the Oracle JRE if you run into any problems while using OpenJDK. Update: This is no longer relavant, the editor works just fine with recent versions of OpenJDK.

When I double-click on the JAR file, nothing happens!

If you’re using the ojdk Build of OpenJDK, make sure you select “JAR Files Association” in the setup of the JDK. If you’re using some other Java distribution, try to look for a similar option.

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